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A free make-your-own Magnum kit is coming

London may not be seeing the return of the Magnum Pleasure Store this year - for fairly obvious reasons - but that isn't stopping them. If you can't come to the Pleasure Store - it's coming to you. 

Magnum are teaming up with Deliveroo for a new Make My Magnum kit. Which is essentially a kit for pimping your Magnum. 

The kit contains a pack of Ruby Magnums (which we've become rather addicted to in lockdown) packed with toppings that include freeze-dried raspberry crumble, Magnum M coins, mini meringue kisses and freeze-dried strawberry crunch, lemon popping candy and more. There's also chocolate you can melt and drizzle on top. 

Even better, the kit will be free - but - only if you're near Battersea or Whitechapel. It's bound to be very popular - so we can only wish you the best of luck in getting your hands on one.

When: From 12 noon, 24 April 2020 (in London, 5pm elsewhere) until stocks run out

Will they deliver to me? Check your postcode here on the day - you have to be near Whitechapel or Battersea (outside of London, they're also delivering to Leeds, Brighton, Manchester and Nottingham)

How to order: On Deliveroo's Ice Cream Store

A free make-your-own Magnum kit is coming


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