Klose & Soan from Winemakers Deptford kick off food delivery

Klose & Soan from Winemakers Deptford kick off food delivery

One thing we've noticed since the lockdown began is that dining at home is becoming more and more interesting as restaurants devise new dishes and ways to deliver them into the hands of punters. If you've been feeling left out of this in South East London, then you'll be pleased to know that the latest to make this move are Klose and Soan, in charge of the food at Winemakers in Deptford (and with their own catering company too). 

There's is a frozen food/cook later approach with a weekly changing menu and this week includes:

  • Adobo Middlewhite pork shoulder, kidney beans & oregano
  • Organic Sasso chicken mole, dark chocolate & fennel
  • Spanakopita - cavolo nero & barrel-aged feta filo pie
  • Chilli sin carne (vg)
  • Gigantes Plaki - Baked Butter Bean (vg, gf)
  • Patatas verde (Potatoes, cavolo nero, garlic, green chilli, green peppers)
  • Banana sticky toffee pudding

The new menu is announced on their Instagram page every Thursday (for the week following) and they deliver every Wednesday and Friday. It can all can be bought separately or you can get their meal deal - a main, a dessert and a bottle of natural red or white wine for £35. Which sounds like a good deal to us. 


More about Klose & Soan meals

Delivery: They're delivering free to SE postcodes. Outside of this, there's a £5 delivery charge and a £30 minimum order outside of this (but contact them to confirm they can deliver to you). 

When: Deliveries are on Wednesday and Friday every week.

How to order: Order online

Find out more: Follow them on Instagram @klosesoan.


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