On the Pass by Warren's sees the Cornish butcher selling London restaurant meat to the public

warrens on the pass cornish butcher

The closure of London's restaurants has had a huge impact, not least on the top quality food producers supplying the industry. But now one butcher in Cornwall has come up with a genius idea for boosting business.

Philip Warren, down in Launceston, has been a byword in butchery excellence for many years. More recently it and the farms it works with, have built up a strong business supplying top London restaurants. However, the lockdown has meant catastrophe for those supplying and selling this grass-fed Cornish meat. The restaurants may be closed, "but the dry ageing of their personally-chosen meat didn’t." It's a dilemma that The Cornwall Project's Matt Chatfield - a one-man band who's built up this supply chain between Cornwall and London - has been desperate to remedy.

To that end, he's helped Warrens set up a new website called On The Pass By Warrens. As they say: "This is your opportunity to buy the best that was destined to be on the pass!"

You'll be able to specifically choose the meat that was destined for your favourite restaurant. So now Londoners who can't go out to eat at Brat, The Ledbury, Ikoyi or Kiln, can buy the meat that was supposed to be sold there and get it delivered to their door. 

At the time of writing, you could buy the beef that Blacklock uses for their chateaubriand and famous Sunday roasts or the hogget that Kiln normally turn into their aged hogget and cumin skewer. Or how about the beef rib that Brat uses for its signature dish? More is going on sale every day, so it's well worth keeping a close eye on the site.


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Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @philip_warren_butchers


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