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The Good Egg launches a Bake your own Babka kit

Right up there among some of London's very best baked delights is the chocolate babka from Stoke Newington's The Good Egg. But if you've been missing your babka fix since the lockdown began, then The Good Egg have your backs. They've just launched a Bake Your Own Babka Kit to let you recreate it all at home. 

The kit comes with everything you need - flour, sugar, yeast, butter, egg, chocolate chips - and chocolate tahini for the top. You'll just need to put it all together at home (plus some milk - but we're going to go out on a limb and suggest that you already have that). Plus, they're delivering across London - to an eight-mile radius of their Stoke Newington store. 

So if you need a chocolate babka back in your life - order by 9pm every Wednesday (it's £24.98) and they'll get the kit to you on the following Friday. 

For more, head to The Good Egg website, and order from their online store


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