Chefs at home - London's chefs are cooking for themselves in self-isolation (3 April)

Looking for inspiration? With chefs self-isolating at home, many of them are showing just what's possible in your own kitchen. We've picked five of the best from the past week.  

Nokx Majozi - Holborn Dining Room

She may be out of the Pie Room kitchen at the moment, but Nokx is still assembling dishes of beauty from home. This is her smoked mackerel, trout and new potato terrine with turmeric and dill. 


Emily Roux - Caratere

Keeping it simple with a veggie dish that only uses three ingredients is chef and restaurateur Emily Roux. Her dish to devour is marinated and sauteed courgettes with ginger garlic and fennel.


Paddy Williams - Kudu

Chef at Kudu in Peckham, Paddy has a store cupboard recipe to try - veggie gnocchi in green sauce. See their stories for the recipe and method.


Tom Cenci - Loyal Tavern

With the weather hitting new heights this weekend, Cenci's Coronation salad made with butterleaf lettuce, apricots, almonds, curry scraps and a garam masala dressing is just the ticket.


Ixta Belfrage - Ottolenghi

Development chef at Ottolenghi, Ixta has been foraging in her mum's garden for some of the ingredients for her chilli roasted mackerel tacos with flash-fried three-cornered leek.



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