Holborn Dining Room's Calum Franklin is bringing out a pie book


File this under "now that's something good to look forward to".

We (and many, many others) have often waxed lyrical about Calum Franklin and his preternaturally gifted skills at pie-making. But how - how? - could we ever hope to get to that level of pie crafting? It looks like the answer is on the way because he's about to release a book that's all about pie craft. 

Called The Pie Room (after the Holborn Dining Room's own Pie Room) we're promised that it will cover:

  • The ultimate sausage roll
  • The perfect beef wellington
  • Cheesy dauphinoise pie,
  • Chicken and mushroom pie
  • Glazed apple tart
  • Rhubarb and custard tart.

Here's what he says about the book:

I wrote this book to translate the skills and techniques we have mastered in The Pie Room to everybody’s kitchens at home through achievable and delicious recipes. My hope is that this book plays a part in the current revival of traditional pie craft and gets flour and butter rubbing together in as many kitchens as possible.

It comes out in September 2020 so yes, that's definitely something to look forward to post-lockdown (and when we can all actually buy flour again...) In the meantime, if you want an insight into the kind of things Calum can teach you - check out what happened when we took a class at the Pie Room

Pre-order The Pie Room on Amazon.


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