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Morty & Bobs are running a live cheese toastie masterclass

We've already talked about the Bread Ahead series of live tutorials (which are proving to be very popular) and now we hear of another venture that sounds like a must-watch. Missing your favourite cheese toasties from Morty and Bob's? Well, they're going to show you how to make these beauties from the comfort of your home. 

Here's what they say you'll need: "semi stale sliced sourdough, couple of tablespoons of plain flour, whole milk, good knob of butter, two or three cheeses (one of them cheddar), some spring and/or red onion, mustard, nutmeg (optional)". That all sounds fairly standard - and if you're missing something, then there's time to grab it in your allotted trip to the shop for essentials. 

So if your cheese toasties need a little more pizzazz - tune in later.

It all kicks off on their Instagram page at 2.30pm today (25 March).

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