Nami at Nobu Shoreditch is setting fire to wagyu burgers

Nami at Nobu Shoreditch is setting fire to wagyu burgers on Leap Day

You're probably aware by now that it's a leap year so that means there's one extra day before we get to March. There certainly are a few events making use of the extra day - this Saturday - but this is the one that struck us the most.

Nobu Hotel Shoreditch's "supper bar" Nami are using the day to launch their brand new Flaming Nami Burger. As you can see from the pic above - it's exactly as it sounds. It's a tofu bun with sesame seeds, Japanese Wagyu beef, melted rosemary manchego cheese and a cucumber, sesame and pickle garnish. Which is then set on fire. 

Apparently there's a glaze of Japanese spirits and Teriyaki to pour on the burger. Your waiter will be wielding a blowtorch to set that alight and pour it on the burger right in front of you. A bit like a burger Christmas pudding. After that, they say the burger "oozes a rich, smoky, sweet aroma".

If that sounds like a must-have, get down to Nobu Shoreditch on Saturday. It's £22 and they're only doing 10 each night, so you might want to reserve one in advance...


More about Nami

Where is it? Nobu Hotel Shoreditch, 10-50 Willow Street, London EC2A 4NG

When is the burger served? From 29 January 2020 

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @nobulondonshoreditch.


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