Pizza Pilgrims is opening a pizzeria and pizza academy in Camden

Pizza Pilgrims is opening a Pizzeria and Pizza Academy in Camden

The next Pizza Pilgrims is something of a departure. Yes, there will be the usual top-notch Neapolitan pizzas, but this Camden opening will also be home to a fully-fledged Pizza Academy.

All of which means that alongside the traditional pizzeria will be a space that's designed to help people get into a hospitality career. It's aimed at the young, ex-homeless, ex-offenders or anyone that needs a fresh start, and they want the graduates to earn qualifications that allow them to take home ideas for self-improvement and business theory - and get a job in the hospitality industry. 

At the back of the restaurant is the "pizza theatre" for training larger groups of people on specific pizza skills and concepts - and the graduates can then put their new-found skills to the test in the actual pizzeria, open to the public. Part-time students can join too and there will be one-off classes alongside the main courses. 

It sounds like a great idea and well worth supporting - so if you're in the Camden area, head down there to put the trainees' skills to the test (and get a great Neapolitan pizza at the same time). 


More about Pizza Pilgrims academy and pizzeria

Where is it? 40-42 Parkway, Camden, London NW1 7AH

When does it open? 16 March 2020

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @pizzapilgrims.


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