Taster is bringing delivery Thai from John Chantarasak and katsu sandos from Tim Anderson

Taster is bringing delivery Thai from John Chantarasak and katsu sandos from Tim Anderson

Just launched in London are a couple of delivery-only brands, brought together by the company Taster, with some very interesting names behind them (so you won't find these on the high street, but you will find them on the app).

First up is Take-Out-Thai, available throughout London by the end of January, from John Chantarasak the ex-Som Saa chef now known for his excellent Anglo Thai residencies. He says "I've focused the menu on dishes commonly found on the streets of Thailand, but aren’t as widely known outside of their native homeland. There’s no focus on one region but more of Thailand as a whole. At the moment there are dishes from Isaan (North-Eastern), Bangkok (Central) and Chiang Mai (North). In time I hope to expand the menu to cover the other regions of Thailand."

His dishes include:

  • Tam Taeng Kwa - Pounded cucumber salad with toasted peanuts, cherry tomatoes and green beans in a dressing of coconut sugar, tamarind, chilli and soy sauce
  • Sai Ua - Chiang Mai herbal pork sausage laced with curry paste, lemongrass and spices
  • Laab Woonsen Isaan - Aromatic glass noodle and chopped pork salad with Isaan herbs, roasted rice powder and toasted chillies in a spiced citrus dressing
  • Pad Krapao - Chilli and garlic beef, green beans and holy basil stir-fry, with wok-fried crispy hen's egg and steamed jasmine rice
  • Pad Thai Satay - Peanut satay chicken 'Pad Thai' rice noodles with tofu, sweet radish and beansprouts

Next up is Stacksando which is from Nanban's Tim Anderson, delivering katsu sandos to your doorstep. On his menu will be:

  • The Tonkatsu Stacksando - British pork loin coated in crispy katsu and topped with tonkatsu sauce, mustard mayo, and shredded hispi cabbage on Japanese milk bread
  • The Chicken Katsu Curry Stacksando - panko coated and fried whole chicken breast with Japanese curry mayo, pickled ginger and gem lettuce on Japanese milk bread
  • Plus Chicken Katsu Curry Strips, Yuzu-Pickled Veg, and Fries with a choice of three unique salt blends [Seaweed Salt, Garlic Miso Salt or Spicy Katsu Curry Salt].

And finally, there is A Burgers - plant-based burgers with an Asian twist. They'll have:

  • Sriracha Chilli Burger, a grilled plant-based Moving Mountains patty with Dr Will’s sriracha mayo, shredded lettuce and pickled cucumber
  • Kimcheese Burger, a crispy fried, cheese and cauliflower patty with kimchi, pickled cucumber, shredded white cabbage and Dr Will’s sriracha mayo.
  • Plus Sweet Potato Waffle Fries with smoky Korean Gochugaru seasoning and Cheesy Bites with optional Korean BBQ sauce

Look out for all of these on the Deliveroo and Uber Eats app by the end of January. 

For more on all the above, follow them on Instagram @tasterkitchens@stacksando@takeoutthai and @aburgerskitchen.


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