The Battle of the Bao is unleashed in Soho

The Battle of the Bao is unleashed in Soho

If you're a big fan of BAO, then January is about to get very exciting. They're about to unleash fifteen brand new baos throughout the month of January. Yes - fifteen.

They've all been conceived by their team members across Soho, Fitzrovia and Borough, who have come up with creations based on their favourite dishes. Each of these ideas will be transformed into a bao for one day only (sold at the Soho BAO at lunchtime) and if you order one, you will be able to vote on its taste and presentation

The creations (and the creators are):

  • Day 1: Monday 13th  – Jerk Chicken - Cameron Flynn | Group Beverage Manager
  • Day 2: Tuesday 14th  – Chip Butty | Shane Mummery | Senior Sous
  • Day 3: Wednesday 15th  – Egg Sando | Alex Silva | Chef de Partie
  • Day 4: Thursday 16th  –  Aki Lin | Supervisor
  • Day 5: Friday 17th – Sweet Wedding  | Yuju Chen | Chef De Partie
  • Day 6: Monday 20st – Philly Cheesesteak | Adam Metcalf | Senior Sous
  • Day 7: Tuesday 21st – Bloodcake | George Isard | Junior Sous
  • Day 8: Wednesday 22nd – The Cod Dog  | Haydon Wong | Chef de Partie
  • Day 9: Thursday 23rd  – Banoffee | Amy Meacock | Multisite General Manager
  • Day 10: Friday 24th – Sweet Potato Crème Brûlée | Yu Shang | Waitress
  • Day 11: Monday 27th – Crisp Sandwich | Amy Meacock | Multi General
  • Day 12: Tuesday 28th – Fondue | Sasha Ziverts | Head Chef
  • Day 13: Wednesday 29th– Luxury Scallop | Jonathan Venga | Assistant General Manager
  • Day 14: Thursday 30th  – Baonana Fritter | Shane Mummery | Senior Sous
  • Day 15: Friday 31st – Smores & Banana | Nahum Johal | Alumni

Honestly - we stopped in our tracks at the idea of a crisp sandwich bao. That sounds GREAT.

If you see something you just have to order, then make sure to get down to Soho early enough on that day. The eventual winner will be crowned The Big BAO People’s Winner 2020.

There will also be another taste tests by experts (BAO’s Erchen Chang, Jeremy Lee of Quo Vadis, Engin Ozger (@enginozger), and Shuko Oda, Koya's head chef) and that winner will get a year’s supply of BAO Beer and their bao creation will be put on as a special across all three restaurants. 


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Where is it? 53 Lexington St, Soho, London W1F 9AS

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram 

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