Mozzasando is Alan Yau's sando bar in South Kensington

Mozzasando is Alan Yau's sando bar in South Kensington

10/2/19 - updated with opening info

It truly is the time of the sando. We've had the trailblazers Ta Ta Eatery (and Tou) and recently seen the opening of Yatai at Market Hall - and now it's the turn of restaurateur Alan Yau. 

He's teamed up with mozzarella restaurant Obica to launch a new sando shop, Mozzasando in South Kensington (where Obica once was). If you've somehow missed out on the sando craze, it all comes from the Japanese katsu sando - which was traditionally breaded pork in milk bread (no crusts, of course). And as with any craze, it's started to move quite far from the original inspiration. 

As for Mozzasando's take - it's all about the Milanese sando. 

There are three Milanese sandos on the menu

  • Cotolette Milanese - veal ribeye, truffle aioli with cucumber pickles, jalapeno and onion marmelade
  • Fake Milanese - organic baby chicken, kefir marinade, butter lettuce, cucumber pickle, jalapeno, rocket pesto and anchovy aioli
  • Naked Milanese - the above without the pickles, in a lettuce bun with wasabi and rocket pesto, truffle honey and preserved lemon mayonnaise.

In addition, they'll be doing three types of chargrilled sandos - wagyu, chuturo and otoro and three veggie, or what they're calling Amor sandos - mozzarella and avo, porto and artichokes and parmesan.

The menu also features a variety of salads - Mozzarella comes with beetroot and Sicilian bloody orange and borata includes honey marinated compressed melon. You can also opt for a salami baord with focaccia and cornichon and there's a choice of salt and pepper or chilli fries.

Desserts are simple - two choices including a San Sebastian cheesecake.


Mozzasando is Alan Yau's sando bar in South Kensington


More about Mozzasando

Where is it? 96 Draycott Ave, Chelsea, London SW3 3AD

When does it open? Open now

Find out more: Follow them in Instagram @mozzasando.

Food photo: XRayFoodExterior photo: Hot Dinners' roving reporter Hugh Wright

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