Three vegetarian katsu sandos you need to know about

London is going certifiably katsu sando crazy and while the sandwich that should be in every London foodie's Instagram feed uses a pork chop at its heart, London restaurants have been busy working on veggie versions so meat avoiders don't miss out. Here are three you should know about.


ichibuns katsu sando

Ichibuns' celeriac sando

22 Wardour St, London W1D 6QQ

Ichibuns in Chinatown are launching their Celeriac Katsu Sando today for vegetarians to embrace the katsu sando craze. It features panko crusted celeriac, shaved cabbage and tonkatsu sauce.

It's available as part of their lunchtime menu (Monday-Friday 12pm-4pm). All sandos are £7.50.

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tou london katsu sando

Tou London's tofu sando

103-105 New Oxford Street, London, WC2H 8LH.

Perhaps London's best-known sando slingers are Tata Eatery's Tou London. They came up with the eggy tofu sando (£10) - which is a smashing combo of fresh Japanese milk bread, deep-fried egg tofu, wasabi egg mayo, spring onions.

It's £10 at Arcade food Theatre.

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yatai katsu sando

Yatai's potato salad sando

9 Holles Street, London, W1G 0BN

Yatai have just opened off Oxford Street. They have five katsu sandos on their menu, but if you're a vegetarian the one you need to know about is Mama's potato salad katsu sando. That features a vegetable korokke, tonkatsu sauce, tarutatu, cured cucumber and cabbage.

It's £8.25 at Market Hall West End.

Find out more about Yatai at Market Hall West End



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