CoCo Ichibanya is opening a second curry restaurant in Marylebone

What: CoCo Ichibanya

In a nutshell: Japanese curry house MK II

Summing it all up: Curry and rice are primarily the order of the day at the latest London outpost of this huge Japanese curry chain. 

The low-down

Around this time last year, huge Japanese curry chain CoCo Ichibanya opened their first restaurant in London (in Great Newport Street)  - and a year later they're back for their second. 

If you're not yet familiar with them, they really are a huge business, opening 1400 restaurants worldwide since the first in Japan, back in 1978. It is, as you might expect, all about the curry - specifically kare raisu, curry and rice. We're going to assume that the menu is broadly the same as the previous restaurant, which is pretty huge and includes things like:

  • Chicken katsu and cheese curry
  • Hamburger with tomato and spinach curry
  • Fried chicken dumpling curry
  • Grilled pork and kimchi curry
  • Tomato, asparagus and shrimp curry
  • Chicken curry gratin

You can adjust the spiciness to your liking, from mild to "crazy hot", extra toppings can be added to any dish and there's a whole omelette curry section - where the rice in the above dishes is replaced with an omelette in a sea of curry sauce. 

Of course, if you're a fan of Coco Ichibanya, you know all of this already and will be raring to go. This latest restaurant tales over the space left by Jason Atherton's Social Wine and Tapas in Marylebone - so it's a largish, two-floor affair. 

CoCo Ichibanya is opening a second curry restaurant in Marylebone


More about Coco Ichibanya

Where is it? 39 James St, Marylebone, London W1U 1DL

When does it open? March 2020

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Facebook @CoCoIchibanyaUK.


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