YO! Sushi now has YO! Kitchen at Westfield London

YO! Sushi now has YO! Kitchen at Westfield London

What: YO! Kitchen

In a nutshell: Conveyor-free YO!

Summing it all up: Leaving their conveyor belts behind, this is a "full service" restaurant from the people behind YO! Sushi, with a focus on sharing dishes. 

The low-down

Just as some restaurants are seeing the benefit of conveyor belts, the restaurant that really popularised them is moving away from them. YO! have recently unveiled their latest restaurant, the completely conveyor-belt-free YO! Kitchen in Westfield London (which is having quite the food renaissance of late). 

The new restaurant will be all about long sharing tables (seating 90) and will be much more of an Izakaya-style restaurant than they've attempted before. While there will be some of the restaurants' more popular dishes on there, the Kitchen will have 40 new dishes on the menu. Planned for the menu are:

  • Katsu Curry Arancini (£5.80)
  • Chopped Moromi Cucumber with barley miso (£3.60)
  • Sashimi Pizza, a tortilla base topped with seared tuna, tomato, coriander, jalapeno, dressed with mayo and a katsu sauce (£9.80).
  • Japanese Corndog with Arabiki sausage and tonkatsu sauce (£5.60)
  • Salmon Caviar Kushi Katsu with mayo and ikura, a red caviar (£6.40).
  • Lamb Cutlets with spicy miso and pickle (£17.60)
  • Sirloin Steak with black pepper sauce and lotus root crisps (£16.40).

They'll also have tonkatsu ramen, katsu curry and for dessert, a Kakigori shaved ice dessert with strawberries and syrup (£5.80)  or Hirata Donuts (£5.80). 

Now open in White City, it may well be worth checking out if you need a break from the shopping. 


More about YO! Kitchen

Where is it? Unit 2106, Westfield London Shopping Centre, Ariel Way, W12 7GF

When does it open? Open now

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Twitter @YOSushi.


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