Parliament's prorogation means the Peers' dining room is opening to the public again

how to eat at the house of lords dining room


Whether you think it's perfectly legitimate or a gross affront to democracy, the proroguing of Parliament has one side benefit - it heralds the reopening of the Peers Dining Room to the public.

The Pugin-wallpapered dining room is impressive, but make sure you arrive in time to have a pre-lunch drink in the bar with its views over the Thames.

The menu this year is extremely British, with the kitchen doing their best to represent every corner of the British Isles. Courses include:

  • Loch duart salmon with Colchester oyster, confit lemon egg yolk, English cucumber, south coast seaweed
  • Denham Estate venison with chestnuts, Lady Grey soaked raisins, pickled Merseyside red cabbage, and port confit salsify
  • Kentish beetroot & Cheltenham foraged mushroom Wellington with heritage vegetables, Suffolk pickled onions, Norfolk autumn greens, Isle of Wight garlic potatoes and vegan jus
  • Kentish Victoria Ruby plum Cambridge burnt tart with vanilla poached grapes, Wiltshire pumpkin seeds and Merseyside crispy kale (no that's not a typo apparently)
  • Shropshire raspberry madeleine with London honey ice cream

The three course lunch is £49.95 which is really not bad for dining in such surroundings as these. That said, the whole experience has become considerably punchier since we first started covering it. Four years ago this would have set you back just £35, so that's a rise of 42% - way more than inflation.

Interestingly, this time there's also a caveat we haven't seen before which states that "The restaurant service may be suspended, or amended, at any time as part of HOL’s response to a significant risk, threat or instance of disruption from external events, agencies or persons, or other emergency or as a result of a change to the business of either House, for example in the event of a recall of Parliament."


More about the Peers Dining Room

Where is it? House of Lords, London SW1A 0PW

When? 23 September to 4 October 2019. 

How to book: Online bookings can be made here from 17 September from 12.00 noon.


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