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London's restaurant folk react to Marco Pierre White on women in kitchens

Another day, another restaurant opening - that's the cue for another interview from chef Marco Pierre White in which he holds forth, spouting all sorts of nonsense. This time it's via a restaurant interview with the Irish Independent in which Pierre White throws out all manner of sexist claptrap. 

It's a predictable cycle which once again has resulted in loads of press coverage for the 'rent-a-controversy' chef. All of which made us wonder whether we should even give him a platform at all - but, well, the London restaurant scene's reaction to him has been rather brilliant.

From restaurateur Asma Khan to pastry wunderkind Calum Franklin, they've succeeded in both showing Marco up and smashing down his antiquated and downright foolish views. Take it away folks...

Calum Franklin, of Holborn Dining Room:

James Murray - Maitre 'D of The Clove Club 

Darjeeling Express's Asma Khan: 

Giuseppe Bonura - chef de partie at Bistrotheque

Temper's Neil Rankin:

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The only real difference between men and women in the kitchen is that men don’t have to put up with this nauseating baseless antiquated bullshit everyday. Women not only have to do the same exact job in every area of hospitality but also have had to contend with every oppressive jibe in the book from day one and not only from their colleagues but from industry leaders like this in 2019 ffs 🙄. Frankly I don’t think men could handle this bullshit every day. I think they’d crumble under the pressure. The whole article if you read it actually comes up the conclusion that women are better in the kitchen but unfortunately via all this clickbait nonsense from a rambling dinosaur . How about we just start judging people based on their individual performance and start promoting the much needed diversity within this dying industry that so desperately needs it.

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