Brixton's Halo Burger launches a vegan deep-fried Magnum

Already getting respect for serving up one of London's best plant-based burgers, Halo Burger in Brixton has just put another couple of items on the menu that both sound a bit special. 

First up is the "THIS™ Isn’t Chicken Nuggets" using on the plant-based chicken that THIS™ produce (made to be as close to chicken as possible) with a choice of BBQ sauce, signature sauce, ketchup or mayo.

But it's the second item that really looks likely to attract non-vegans to them too - the deep-fried vegan Magnum. That's a vegan vanilla Magnum, battered and coated in cornflakes and crushed up biscuits, deep-fried and then drizzled with a plant-based chocolate sauce. Yes, that sounds VERY good. 

The nuggets are on the menu now, with 50% off until 16 August, when the vegan Magnum is added too. 


More about Halo Burger

Where is it? Pop Brixton, 49 Brixton Station Rd, Brixton, London SW9 8PQ

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @haloburgeruk.


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