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The Chinese Food Festival is back - here's who's taking part 

The Chinese Food Festival is making a return to Potters Fields at Tower Bridge and once again, the line up looks pretty great.

With a collection of some of London's finest Chinese food in one park, here's what some of the vendors are planning.

  • Three Uncles - Roast Duck, Char Siu Pork, Hainan Chicken Rice, Won Tons in Chilli Oil, Curry Fishballs 
  • Yun - Spicy and Sour Beef Rice Noodles, Beef Cold Rice Noodle Salad, Yunnan Beef Rice Noodles, Pay Lu Dannan Beef Rice Noodles 
  • Ricebrothers - Crispy Chicken or Char Su rice rolls and their authentic Chinese Douhua
  • Liu Xiaomian - Vegan Xiaomian, Xiaomian with Minced Pork, Xiaomian with Minced Pork & Chickpeas, Hot & Sour Glassnoodles (vegan), Hot & Sour Glassnoodles with Minced Pork, Ice Jelly 
  • RiceComing - Rice Soup Noodle, Braised Pork Feet, Sweet PanRicecake, Spring Onion Rice Ring, Crystal Jelly Noodle, Crispy Sweet Potato, Smelly Smelly Tasty Tasty Tofu, Organic Rice Juice 
  • Wheelcake Island - Sweet Red Bean Wheelcake, Matcha Wheelcake, Vanilla & Chocolate Wheelcake 
  • Jiaba (pictured) - Braised Pork Rice, Yansuji, King Oyster Mushroom, Taiwan Sausage, Tea Egg 
  • Master Wei - Spicy Cumin Beef ‘Burger', Xi’an Pulled Pork ‘Burger’, Pork Biang Biang Noodles with Tomato & Egg Sauce and Chilli Oil, Beef Biang Biang Noodles and more

Plus in addition to those are Chilli Legends, Crosstown Doughnuts, Buy & Bite, Ugly Dumplings, Miss Teppanyaki, Handian, Tea & Juice.

On top of that, there will be workshops at Lee Kum See Chinese Kitchen and the Jiangxiaobai Baijiu Bar will be serving up drinks. 

The Chinese Food Festival is back - here's who's taking part


More about The Chinese Food Festival

Where is it? Potters Fields Park, London SE1 2AA

When does it run? 30 August - 1 September. Friday & Saturday: Midday to 10pm, Sunday: Midday to 7pm

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Twitter @ChineseFoodFest.


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