Paddington's new mindful hotel Inhabit brings in Yeotown Kitchen to run the food side of things

yeotown kitchen paddington

What: Yeotown Kitchen

In a nutshell: Wellness cafe comes to Paddington

Summing it all up: Taking up space in the new mindful hotel Inhabit in Paddington is the second branch of the wellness cafe group, run by a wellness centre based in Devon.

The low-down

Inhabit - which is currently on soft launch in Paddington - is a very much of-the-moment hotel. As they set out their stall: "We offer our guests much more than a place to lay their head, with considered spaces, nourishing food and staff that share a passion for maintaining a healthy mind and body."

To that end they've partnered with Yeotown - a North Devon wellbeing centre which opened its first London cafe in Chiltern Street last year (and got a pretty duff review from the Standard's Jimi Famurewa). It's not to be confused with Yeo Valley Cafe which is more about bacon butties and poached eggs on toast.

Let's let the cafe owners explain what they're hoping to do.

With mental health issues reaching an all time high in both the UK and abroad, the Yeotown Kitchen Founders were keen to expand the conversation around the definition of a “healthy lifestyle” beyond green juices and kale. Filled throughout the space are little reminders to breathe, let your mind be kind to you and enjoy little moments of mindfulness throughout your day.

In practice that means food like "savoury bowls inspired by character strengths and traits, such as “Forgiveness”, “Integrity”, and “Creativity”. If all that sounds a little too woke for you - they're also working on London's healthiest cocktail menu too.


More about Yeotown Kitchen

Where is it? 25 - 27 Southwick St, Paddington, London W2 1JQ

When does it open? Fully opens September 2019, but the hotel is on soft launch now.

Find out more: Visit Inhabit Hotels website or follow Yeotown Kitchen on Instagram @yeotownkitchen


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