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Zero-waste Silo comes to CRATE Brewery in Hackney after moving from Brighton

What: Silo at CRATE Brewery

In a nutshell: Zero-waste pioneer opens in London

Summing it all up: One of the pioneers of the zero-waste Douglas McMaster is moving his Silo restaurant from Brighton to the first floor of the CRATE Brewery White Building. He'll be putting that zero-waste ethos into everything in the new restaurant with an ever-changing menu. 

The low-down

For some years, Douglas McMaster's Silo had been establishing itself as a zero-waste restaurant in Brighton - long before it became something that many more restaurants country-wide now aspire to. But after five years, they closed up shop there with sights on setting up a restaurant in London. And that restaurant is now coming to Hackney. 

They're teaming up with CRATE Brewery, opening their London restaurant on the first floor of the White Building, overlooking the canal. That zero-waste ethos will be once again the calling card of the restaurant. And because of that, the menu will change regularly - a couple of example dishes being "smoked violet carrots with egg yolks & elephant garlic" and "Jerusalem artichokes cooked on fire with stilton sauce & pickles". There will be 10-15 dishes on the menu at any time. 

They'll be doing brunch at the weekends, which will include "Silo porridge, made with freshly rolled oats and home-made crème fraîche, topped with seasonal fruit" and "coddled eggs, kimchi, black pudding and freshly baked sourdough".  As far as drink is concerned, wine will be from small producers, cocktails are being produced with the great Mr Lyan - and of course, there will be CRATE beer. 

And the room itself will carry on the no-waste ethos, with an open kitchen featuring a wood-burning stove at the centre and post-industrial materials used for the furniture, not to mention a countertop made from recycled glass bottles. 

Finally, the plan is to bring the no-waste approach to the rest of the building too, there will be new workshops and - rather intriguingly "an amphitheatre-style seating area will be created, overlooking the canal".


More about Silo at CRATE Brewery

Where is it? The White Building, Unit 7, Queens Yard, Hackney Wick, London E9 5EN

When does it open? October 2019

Find out more: Visit their website or follow Crate on Twitter @CrateBrewery,


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