Sons + Daughters comes to King's Cross from the Pidgin duo

Sons and Daughters comes to King's Cross from the Pidgin duo - updated

Updated 9/9/19 with opening offer

What: Sons + Daughters

In a nutshell: Pidgin goes casual in King's Cross.

Summing it all up: James Ramsden and Sam Herlihy already have a winner with Pidgin and now they're opening a more casual restaurant in King's Cross. There will be plenty of sandwiches (including finger sandwiches) and soft serve. 

The low-down

They may have shuttered Magpie in Mayfair, but the duo behind Pidgin, James Ramsden and Sam Herlihy, are already back with a new place - this time in King's Cross. 

They're among the latest to join Coal Drops Yard, and it does sound like it'll be a far cry from what we've seen at Pidgin or Magpie. It's primarily all about sandwiches - and here's what we can expect:

  • CHICKEN S+DWICH, Swaledale chicken, pickled cucumber, miso mayonnaise, green sauce, soy-cured parmesan, gem lettuce, wasabi cress, served on white bloomer
  • MERGUEZ S+DWICH, Swaledale spicy lamb sausage, S+D air-fries, pickled shallots, gremolata, S+D mayo
  • MORTADELLA S+DWICH, Mortadella, taleggio, smoked Isle of Wight tomato, rocket, Thai basil, cider vinaigrette, served on focaccia
  • PRAWN S+DWICH, Cornish prawns, S+D mayo, prawn crackers, crispy shallots, Napa cabbage, shiso, served on granary
  • EGG SALAD S+DWICH, Burford Brown eggs, miso mayonnaise, truffle crisps, salad cress, served on white bloomer
  • TENDERSTEM S+DWICH, Tenderstem broccoli, mushroom relish, coconut sambal, açai and cashew cream, served in a baguette.

On the side will be S+D air fries with Sriracha salt, the S+D pickle plate and salads that include "La Latteria burrata, Isle of Wight tomatoes, gem lettuce, avocado + cucumber dressing, smoked almonds and croutons". For dessert, there will be soft-serve ice cream, with flavours including Peanut butter + jelly and Candied focaccia + rosemary.

In the evening, if you're just after snacks, alongside Nocellara olives, Truffle crisps and Onion rings + pecorino, they'll have finger sandwiches - including:

  • Mortadella with truffled cream cheese
  • Smacked cucumber with tahini, Szechuan chilli oil and tofu smoosh
  • Fish finger, pickled jalapeno and American cheese
  • Miso-maple-cinnamon-cream cheese with seasonal fruit

Finally, there will be a separate breakfast menu, and that will have:

  • Breakfast Muffin, with creamed Burford Brown eggs, S+D breakfast spice, smoked tomato and American cheese (plus bacon and sausage if you fancy)
  • Vegan Breakfast Muffin, with spiced corn fritter, roasted tomato, pumpkin seeds and herbs
  • Bircher muesli with organic oats, apple juice, almond milk, chia, almonds, coconut syrup, apple, cacao, and candied walnut

In the evening, cocktails will be by World of Zing, including Barrel-Aged NegroniPeach Tea Julep, Thai Basil + Pineapple Mojito and their own BLT Cocktail and they'l;l have lots of soft options too, including their own "MisoMilk".

It'll be the second sarnie stop to set up at Coal Drops Yard. Locals also have Bodega Rita's to grab their lunchtime sandwich from, the lucky so and sos.

Sandwich photos by James Ramsden


sons and daughters kings cross.


More about Sons + Daughters

Where is it? The Pavilion, Lower Stable Street, Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross, London N1C 4DQ

When does it open? 9 September 2019 at 6pm and then from lunchtime on 10 September. Opens for breakfast on 11 September. 

Launch offer: 50% off sandwiches on opening date and lunchtime on 10 September.

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @s_and_d_wich.


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