The Prince's summer line-up features Jefferies - a new chicken concept from Patty and Bun

The Prince's summer line-up features Jefferies - a new chicken concept from Patty and Bun

Over in West London, The Prince is gearing up for its summer season and they're going BIG. Not content with managing to install a retractable electric roof over London's biggest pub garden making it - at a click of a button - British weatherproof, they're also the first to showcase an entirely new concept from the folks at Patty & Bun.

The summer season kicks off on 25 April and, food-wise, there are two new traders on site joining Edu and Patty & Bun. First up is popular pizza purveyors Homeslice who'll be serving up here for the first time.

But, and this is the one you need to know about, there's also Jefferies - new from the team behind Patty & Bun. They'll be serving a choice of fried thigh or lemon and garlic marinaded grilled breast. There'll be Clooney Fries (salt and pepper - geddit?) and slaw and the burgers line-up looks like this: 

  • Jeffery - Fried Chicken Thigh, Smoked Garlic Aioli, Matts Hot Sauce, Picked Red Onions on a Potato Bun
  • Hercules! - Fried Chicken Thigh, Ranch Mayo, Hot Butter Sauce, Jefferies Pickle Relish, Potato Bun
  • ‘Koji Koji' - Fried Chicken Thigh, Gochujang Mayo, Satay Sauce, Chilli and Lime Slaw, Lettuce, Potato Bun
  • ‘Bare Grillz' - Lemon and Garlic Grilled Chicken Breast, Lemon and Herb Aioli, Pickled Red Onions, Slaw, Lettuce,
    Potato Bun
  • ‘Pamela' - Crispy Umami Tofu Patty, Pickled Cucumbers, Lemon and Herb Aioli, Spicy Slaw, Lettuce, Bonsoy Bun
  • ‘Mac Daddy' - Braised Mushroom Cheese Fritter, Mac Daddy Sauce, Lettuce, Slaw, Potato

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More about The Prince

Where is it? 14 Lillie Road, Earls Court, London SW6 1TT

When? Reopens 25 April 2019

Launch offer: They're giving away 1,000 glasses of free Frosé to the first 1,000 online bookings of the season.

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @theprincelondon


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