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Yard Sale team up with Matty Matheson for a Brick Lane bagel style pizza 

Yard Sale Pizza do have a great line in guest pizzas - and the next one they have lined up is definitely worth taking note of. They're teaming up with Matty Matheson - he's the founder of renowned Toronto restaurant Parts & Labour and also the host of host of Vice’s "It’s Suppertime". He also knows a thing or two about making the perfect cheeseburger

He popped over to London - teamed up with Yard Sale and they came up with their own collaboration. It's The Brick Lane Bad Boy and is pastrami smoked by Islington's Cobble Lane, mozzarella, pickled cabbage, honey mustard dressing, dill pickles, and lashings of hot mustard. As they say, they're essentially trying to get the essence of a Brick Lane bagel in a pizza. 

It's available for the second half of April - so get a trip to Yard Sale in the diary now. 


More about Yard Sale Pizza 

Where is it? Clapton, Finsbury Park, Walthamstow, Leyton

When? 16-30 April 2019

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @yardsalepizza.

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