Bubbledogs gets a revamp with a bigger Champagne focus and new hotdogs

Bubbledogs gets a revamp with a bigger Champagne focus and new hotdogs

Changes are on the way for Bubbledogs, the hot dog and Champagne bar in Fitzrovia by Sandia Chang (which also acts as a way into the 2-Michelin-starred Kitchen Table at the back). They're closing for a revamp and opening again with much more of a focus as a Champagne bar.

And this change also means a much bigger focus on Grower Champagnes (they're the smaller producers in the Champagne region). Dhodnt-Grellet, Jean-Marc Seleque, Lancelot Royer and Olivier Horiot are some of those producers they've been supporting over the years - and you can expect to see more from them after the re-opening. On top of that, if fizz isn't your thing, they'll be adding more Coteaux Champenois bottles - still wine from the region. 

But even though the focus on Champagne is greater - don't expect to see the end of the hotdogs. They'll have what they're calling a "refined" list including:

  • Truffle Shuffle, topped with truffle celeriac remoulade
  • The New Yorker with aged beef and caramelized onions
  • New bar snacks including Comté Tater Tots and Tater Tots served with caviar and crème fraiche

Honestly, they had us with Comté tater tots (see below). 

The room should look different too - here's what we know about that: "Sandia and her team are working closely with London-based designers Astridge to create a refined and modern wine bar, with deep purple and mustard tones highlighted by copper accenting. A new marble high-top table, seating eight guests, complete with its own built-in champagne trough will be at the centre of the room, while the remainder of the seating will have a
lounge-like feel with intimate low-level tables and banquettes."

Bubbledogs tater tots


More about Bubbledogs

Where is it? 70 Charlotte St, London W1T 4QG

When? Closes for the revamp on 24 March 2019, then reopens 30 April 2019

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @bubbledogsuk.


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