Caviar, truffles and gold buns - it's a luxe edition of London's Instagram food feed

Once more, we showcase the highlights of what's currently clogging up the arteries of our Instagram feed this week - and this week everything's going around in a circle.


Pasta from Gloria

Obviously anything that gets Clerkenwell Boy's lens shone on it is going to look pretty spectacular, but we completely agree - we wouldn't share this with anyone...


Caviar from Pied a Terre

Loving the presentation of chef Asimakis Chaniotis's new discovery menu dish - where it's ALL about the caviar.


Custard buns from Imperial Treasure

The restaurant itself may have divided the critics, but judging from our Instagram feed everyone who goes is ordering these crazy looking steamed buns for dessert.


Paris Brest from The French House

Judging from his Instagram feed, when The Guinea's GM isn't in his own gaff serving steak fresh off the grill, he's upstairs here where he's working his way through chef Neil Borthwick's entire menu.


Tortilla from Barrafina

It's nice to know in our current crazy times that some things don't change - and that any trip to Barrafina will include some of the best tortilla to be had in London.


Crumpets from The Ledbury

London restaurants' obsession with crumpets appears unabated, with The Ledbury the latest to enter the fray with these quite beautiful looking seafood versions.

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