Serata Hall comes to Old Street from the people who brought you Canova, Martello Hall and more

Serrata Hall comes to Old Street from the people who brought you Canova, Martello Hall and more

What: Serata Hall

In a nutshell: Bar, restaurant, working space in Hoxton

Summing it all up: This is the latest Hall from the people who brought you similar affairs in Brixton and London Fields with Martello Hall and more. Like those, it mixes up a main drinking and dining space on the ground floor with plenty of event and co-working space throughout. 

The low-down

The people behind Cattivo and Canova Hall (Brixton) and Martello Hall (London Fields) are getting ready to bring a new hall into the fold. This time they're opening just off the Old Street roundabout for their latest, Serata Hall. 

Much like the other halls, this will be a mix of bar/dining on the ground floor and event and co-working spaces throughout. They'll also be introducing an on-site bakery in this hall for the first time - so their breakfasts should be on point. From that bakery, you can expect pistachio croissants, bombolonis (a bag of Italian doughnuts with local jam or Nutella), banana caramel bread, raspberry & rose muffins and more. 

As for the rest of the food - it'll be an "Italian-American" menu - so that means pizzas and more - here's a taster:

  • Samson pizza - Salame Toscana, red chilli, red & spring onions, mozzarella and Serata Hall hot honey
  • Vegan Viking pizza - Cashew cheese, pistachio pesto, red chillies, rocket and mint
  • Spicy ragu Tagliatelle - Sicilian sausage & 'nduja ragu, ricotta and parmesan
  • Slow Beef Rigatoni - 12-hour slow beef ragu, parmesan and flat leaf parsley
  • Beetroot Frittata - Roast beetroot, feta, sage, sunflower seeds, salsa verde and fennel salad
  • House Fried Chicken - Fried buttermilk chicken, hot mustard, watermelon and jalapeƱos 

All that plus plenty of cocktails, craft beer and lots of wine on tap too. 


More about Serata Hall

Where is it? 207 Old St, London EC1V 9EY

When does it open? 3 April 2019

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Twitter @seratahall.


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