Amsterdam's The Avocado Show comes to London, popping up at Bluebird in Chelsea

Amsterdam's The Avocado Show comes to London, popping up at Bluebird in Chelsea

We already have Avobar in Covent Garden, and now there's a new all-avocado experience coming to London if you just can't get enough of them. This time it's the turn of The Avocado Shop, a pretty popular Amsterdam restaurant (that's also appeared in Brussels). 

As you can imagine - there are a LOT of avocados on the menu (which they pride themselves on getting them from sustainable resources). Going by pics from the original restaurant, the plating does look rather pretty and planned for the London menu are:

  • The Avo Garden, avocado stuffed with hummus, spices, flowers and cresses, served with a bagel.
  • The Bun Burger, a wagyu beef patty with bacon and toppings served between two avocado halves (this may be the exception to the rule of pretty plating - with what looks to be a raw patty in Instagram shots). 
  • The Benny Boy, poached eggs with house-made hollandaise served atop crispy bacon slices and avocado halves.

Looking at the Amsterdam menu, we wouldn't be at all surprised if avocado fries (panko breaded Avo fries) made it over - or indeed the Avo Oreo cheesecake (Oreo cookies, cream cheese, vanilla, berry coulis, avocado and lemon). And yes, we're pretty sure that there will be some avocado on toast.

And for the two weeks of the pop-up, expect Bluebird to change to something of a shade of green inside. 

Avocado Show London


More about Bluebird Chelsea

Where is it? 350 King's Rd, London SW3 5UU

When does it run? 11-24 March 2019

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @bluebirdchelsea.


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