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Nutshell is an Iranian restaurant in Covent Garden with an ex-Noma chef in charge

What: Nutshell

In brief: Iranian food with British produce in Covent Garden

Summing it all up: Ex Noma and Greenhouse chef Leonardo Pereira is opening his own restaurant in Covent Garden where he'll be exploring his take on Iranian cuisine (and cocktails). 


The low-down

Leonardo Pereira has spent nearly five years working in Noma and was most recently at The Greenhouse, so we're expecting big things from his upcoming restaurant in Covent Garden, called Nutshell.

He's teamed up with husband and wife team Mohammad Paknejad and Marwa Alkhalaf for the restaurant that will feature Iranian cuisine with British produce. That means snacks that include as hay infused yoghurt, freshly baked flatbreads and torshi (pickled vegetables). And other dishes include:

  • Raw scallop and Iranian caviar
  • Overnight coal baked squash, barberries and saffron curds
  • Goat leg, grilled onions, buttermilk and coriander]
  • Pomegranate, goat’s milk and pistachio
  • Salsify, carob & apricot.

It's a two storey restaurant - with table seating upstairs and counter dining on the ground floor. And apparently, we can expect contemporary Iranian pop-art on the walls.

Late 2018 there was also a chance to try them out in Brick Lane - here's what was on that menu...

  • Aubergine, Pistachio, Barberries, baked in coal
  • Grilled Onions, Whey, Smoked Salt
  • Bitter Leaf Dolmeh, mackerel, Jerusalem artichoke
  • Red Partridge, Pomegranate, oregano
  • Pollock, Saffron, Green Mandarin


More about Nutshell

Where is it? 30 St Martin’s Lane, Covent Garden, London WC2N 4EJ

When does it open? Spring 2019

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Twitter @NutshellLondon.


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