Two new Chinatown restaurants JinLi and Shanghai Modern announced for the Central Cross development


What: JinLi and Modern Shanghai

In a nutshell: Central Cross announces first two new Chinatown restaurants

Summing it all up: A modern Sichuan and a Shanghai noodle and dumpling offering will be the first two restaurants to open in Chinatown's new Central Cross development.


The low-down

If you've been wandering past the large new Chinatown development and wondering what's going to go in there, well let us enlighten you. Shaftesbury have just announced the first of two new Chinese restaurants for the space.

Both JinLi and Modern Shanghai are from existing Chinatown restaurateurs. First up, JinLi Chinatown is from the team at JinLi, which won ‘Best in England’ at the Golden Chopsticks Awards in April for its restaurant on nearby Leicester Street. Here is where you'll find modern Sichuan dishes. So while there'll be trad stuff like Sliced Pork and Sizzling Rice Crust, and Yuxiang Shredded Pork the chef is also planning new delights such as JinLi Fragrant Rabbit. It's a large 150 seat space, too.

The other restaurant to be announced is a more casual spot - Modern Shanghai is all about noodles and dumplings. At the front you'll see chefs preparing just that - and they're going big on their Shanghai Dumpling (Xiao Long Bao) offering, as well as roast duck noodles, wuntun noodles and a selection of grilled Chinese tapas (their word not ours).


More about JinLi Chinatown and Modern Shanghai

Where is it? Central Cross, Newport Ct, London WC2H 7PZ

When does it open? Jin Li on 26 January 2019, Modern Shanghai on 2 February 2019.

Find out more: Follow JinLi on Instagram @jinliuk and Shanghai Modern on Instagram @shanghaimodern


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