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Sutton and Sons goes vegan with its Hackney restaurant (and opens a bigger one down the road too)

What: Sutton and Sons

In a nutshell: Vegan-only chippy

Summing it all up: Sutton and Sons are lauded as among the best fish and chip restaurants in London. And now they're embracing the vegan market by opening a vegan-only restaurant in Hackney.


The low-down

Every now and then we do like to order in Fish and Chips and we note there are an alarming number previous Sutton and Sons orders on our delivery history. So we're rather big fans of theirs. But now they're about to open and fish and chip shop without the fish...

The Sutton and Sons in Hackney (on Graham Road) is transforming into an all-vegan chippy. Their "fish" will now just be banana blossom (which has been on the menu for a while and attracting a lot of visitors) and the rest of the menu will be fully vegan. So that's:

  • ‘Fish’ & chips £7.50
  • ‘Fish’ burger £6.00
  • Battered sausage & chips £5.50
  • ‘Prawn’ cocktail £5.50
  • ‘Scampi’ and chips £6.00
  • Pie and mash £7.50

But if you do like fish and are worried about losing out, you're catered for too. They're also opening a bigger Sutton and Sons just down the road at 218 Graham Road which will offer the traditional menu.


More about vegan Sutton and Sons

Where is it? 240 Graham Rd, London E8 1BP

When does it open? 1 October 2018 (soft launch until 3 October)

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Twitter @sutton_and_sons.


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