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A MasterChef finalist caters a trip to the underworld at Pedley St Station

Who doesn't love a bit of immersive theatre? And this latest - which features dinner from a MasterChef finalist - does sound rather good. it's the second event to take place at Pedley Street "station" - aka an arch in Shoreditch -  where Funicular Productions have set up a special "luxury train carriage" for these kind of events. Last time it was a murder mystery, this time it's being billed as "a trip to the underworld".

Here's what's apparently in store:

Guests will join Claude, the shackled conductor, and his lowly assistant Gordy, on a quest for absolution, redemption and eternal love that will take them all the way to the Underworld. Along the way, guests will do their best to outwit the seductive Gatekeeper, the hunched Harbinger, and the damnable Dark One, all the while praying that this isn't a one-way ticket.

And alongside all that is the food, which is being put together by 2017 MasterChef The Professionals finalist Louisa Ellis - a three-course menu that "ties in with the theatrical narrative". So if you fancy a little different to a traditional restaurant, this could be for you...


More about Journey To The Underworld

Where is it? Arch 63 Pedley St, London E1 5BW

When: 28 September - 7 November 2018

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Twitter @funicular_.


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