Kaki brings a huge new authentic Chinese restaurant to King's Cross

Kaki brings a huge new authentic Chinese restaurant to King's Cross

What: Kaki

In a nutshell: Chinese restaurant in King's Cross

Summing it all up: Taking over the space left by Canal 125 is this large Chinese restaurant with a menu full of authentic Chinese dishes. 


The low-down

Every now and again a restaurant will arrive that we really don't feel able to do it justice in a write-up, and it feels that new King's Cross Chinese restaurant Kaki fits that bill. It's taken over from Canal 125 on Caledonian Road - a large space that sits on the edge of the bridge over Caledonian Road and has been closed for months. 

Popping in for a brief chat, we learned that they are aiming for as authentic a Chinese experience with the food as possible - and certainly one unlike anything else in King's Cross. Even the signage and menus feature Chinese as the first language - so that hopefully bodes well. Inside, what was Canal 125 looks unrecognisable, with new brickwork revitalising the room. And we also noted the large table with built-in hot plates for hot pots. 

The menu itself is pretty large, taking in everything from Sichuan lamb chops, to braised trotters in chilli sauce and egg yolk coated crabs. Not to mention fried pork intestines and "seafood, boiled blood and ox tripe in chilli soup". So it's possible to go quite out-there on your order. In fact, that menu is so large, and not available online, that we've uploaded the whole thing for you to peruse below.

Overall, we think this looks very promising indeed - and definitely recommend popping in if you're in the area. 



More about Kaki

Where is it? 125 Caledonian Rd, London N1 9RG

When does it open? Open now - on soft launch with a limited menu until 1 September 2018 (check on booking for the latest offer). Full menu from 3 September.

How to book: Call 020 7278 0004

Find out more: Follow them on Instagram @kaki_london.


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