London responds to New York Times feature that we were all eating porridge and mutton ten years ago


Well you've got to hand it to the New York Times. We're not sure how many people might have read this week's piece on eating out in London, had it not been for this headline.

Beyond Porridge and Boiled Mutton: A Taste of London

Seems that writer and Washington resident Robert Drapers was simply ASTONISHED that the London eating out scene had progressed beyond feeding folk who were "devotees of porridge and boiled mutton. Having not visited London for a decade, when he thought the city offered "a sallow and predictable dining experience" he proceeds to head on a tour of London districts.  On his travels he discovers many gems including Gymkhana whose cuisine, he's thankful "does not defer to the leaden palate of Olde England". <eyeroll emoji>

The story was brought to most Londoners attention via the Guardian's James Walsh

Instantly bringing out the best of Twitter in response

And a few were keen to get the writer to enlighten them.

Although at least one chef feels we've been here before.

But actually now that you mention it, mutton doesn't sound half bad

Or is someone missing out on a golden (or at least porridge-hued) business opportunity?

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