Jollibee is coming to London and here's why you should be excited about it


17/10/18 - Updated with opening time and launch offer


The hugely popular Filipino fast-food chain is opening its first UK branch in London this Autumn. We look at why that's a big deal.

Their fried chicken is supposedly AMAZING

American food blog Food Beast voted Jollibee's Chicken Joy the third-best fried chicken in the US last year

They say that the key USP is the gravy "packed with flavors of onion and celery that is absolutely ethereal. You almost want a whole bucket of the gravy just to dip into the chicken, it's that good. The unique savory notes of that gravy compliment fried chicken in a way that no other fast food chain on this list can replicate."

The late, great Anthony Bourdain loved it

Bourdain called Jollibee's spaghetti with hotdogs "deranged, but strangely alluring" and the gravy "awesome" when he filmed there a few years ago.

And that spaghetti does sound rather special

Apparently, the pasta sauce features banana ketchup, liver spread and - so rumour has it - condensed milk.

Even the British Ambassador to the Phillipines is excited about the news

Or, come to that, the Philippines cabinet who came over to London for the launch

(a trip which might not have gone down too well back home...)

Expats have been so desperate for Jollibee to open in London they even created a fictitious store on Facebook

No, there really isn't a Jollibee on Leicester Square

So how excited really should we be?

About as excited as these people celebrating the opening of the Milan branch - the first in Europe - earlier this year. People queued for NINE hours to get in that first day. Yes, London is going to go batshit crazy for this one.

Where exactly are they opening?

On Earls Court Road - they've taken over the old Wagamama site

Jollibee London


More about Jollibee London

Where is it? 180-182 Earls Court Road, London SW5 9QG

When does it open? 8am on 20 October 2018

Launch offer: The first 100 people in the queue will get a free Chickenjoy meal.

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Facebook.


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