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News released yesterday that Adam Rawson would be the Executive Chef of The Standard, London is all very interesting, but the devil's in the details isn't it? Looking closely at the press release we were sent, it actually says "Executive Chef of The Standard, London ground floor opening" and that's where things get a little fuzzy.

Because the plans for this hottest of new hotels, The Standard, clearly state that there's going to be a amazing looking glass roof extension. And one of the architects involved is on record saying that while the ground floor features a hotel reception, bar and restaurant and a new garden the top floor of the extension "is dedicated to the new restaurant and bar, with a roof terrace above."

So we're presuming that Rawson is just one of the chefs that'll be working at the hotel when it opens next year.

Back to Rawson's ground floor restaurant - the Previous YBF Chef of the Year and Pachamama Head Chef is currently working closely with the hotel group's Creative Director of Food and Culture, Angela Dimayuga and is doing a week long burger pop-up in The Standard NYC if you're heading over there. There's no word yet on whether those burgers might pop up on his menu at The Standard, but it's a pretty safe bet some of them will.


More about The Standard Hotel London

Where is it? Judd St, London WC1H 9JE

When does it open? Spring/Summer 2019

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram at @thestandard


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