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Burger and Lobster go all luxe KFC with their Double Drown lobster tail sandwich

Most of you will have heard of the Double Down - the KFC burger where the buns are replaced by two fried chicken breasts with bacon sandwiched in-between. It's not the healthiest snack ever made.

Now Burger and Lobster are about to unveil their luxe alternative - the Double Drown (we see what they've done there). It's described as "strips of thick cut, smoked pork complimented with luscious melted cheese and sandwiched between freshly steamed lobster tails; sustainably sourced from the coasts of Nova Scotia."

As you can imagine, it comes at a price and that's £47.90! Or if you go for the meal, at £57.90, it'll come with "thinly slice potatoes and a glass of the finest champagne". It's a limited edition special though - only available when stocks last. So if you must *(and can afford) one - head down to Burger and Lobster asap from 4 August.

Where: Burger and Lobster Harvey Nichols

When: From 4 August 2018 while stock last.

More info: VIsit the Burger and Lobster site or follow them on Twitter @burger_lobster.


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