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Another of New Yorks finest pizza establishments is on its way to London. This time it's Brooklyn's Best Pizza (that's the actual name of the restaurant - they're definitely not modest) whose founder Frank Pinello will be putting one of his classic white pizzas on the menu. 

The ‘white pizza’ pie is a thin crispy base, simply topped with ricotta - and then finished off with extra toppings. For London, the pizza will be a one-off special topped with ricotta, caramelised onions, and a sesame seed crust. They're also working on a second pizza - but are still bouncing around ideas about that one.

And Frank will be popping into some of the Yard Sales, including the opportunity to join a pizza masterclass. So if you fancy learning how to make your own Brooklyn style pizza, here's your chance. 


When: The pizzas will be available from 6-31 August 2018

Where: All the Yard Sales in Finsbury Park, Leytonstone, Walthamstow and Fulham

Find out more: Visit the Yard Sale Pizza website and follow them on Instagram @yardsalepizza.


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