Som Saa chef sacked over racist social media posts


Updated 15/7/18

Every so often, a restaurant story blows up in real time and over the past weekend, the one to watch involved a chef, Shaun Beagley, who has been working at popular East London Thai restaurant som saa.

Instagrammer midnightbakerliz was the first to draw attention to the appallingly racist content of Beagley's tweets, Instagram account - and, it turns out, YouTube Channel, followed by writer Jonathan Nunn.

Eater writer James Hansen soon took up the rallying cry.

And was supported in that by food writer Meemalee, who also spotted that Beagley wasn't just posting racist stuff, but also "makes nasty jokes about black people, gay people, Muslims and women."

And god - the stuff he's been putting up is SO bad. We don't want to give it more publicity and, quite frankly, I don't even want to type the stuff he said, but if you want to know how bad, this video would give you a good idea. (The original youtube video has now been taken down so thanks to David Jay Paw for saving it to reference).

The good news is that the restaurant has acted swiftly and decisively in the matter.

But somehow - we don't think this will be the end of it. 

Update 15/7/18 

And so that proved. The latest turn is that the person who originally brought everyone's attention to this - midnightbakerliz - has now received rape threats on Instagram.


Smoking Goat has put out this comment: 

And, days after this story first broke, som saa's Andy Oliver finally put out a comment on the whole awful s**tshow. Not before time, many would say.


Looking forward, it's good to see several high profile chefs now showing their support and adding their thoughts on the issue.

And if you want to stay fully up to date with this as it happens, you can't do better than follow Meemalee's Twitter feed.