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We don't normally do survey-style stories, but we have to admit being struck by this one today. The survey, for French bakery brand Brioche Pasquier, asked 2000 adults for the food names they found most hard to pronounce. And we'll be honest with you - there are several here we definitely had issues with at some point or another (Quinoa and Acai Berry we're looking at you).

So, how many do you find tricky? Here's the full list.

  1. Viennoiserie
  2. Caipirinha
  3. Tzatziki
  4. Quesadilla (those are Killa Dilla's quesadillas pictured, if you're wondering...)
  5. Bouillabaisse
  6. Quinoa
  7. Charcuterie
  8. Edamame bean
  9. Chipotle
  10. Bourguignon
  11. Niçoise
  12. Foie gras
  13. Acai berry
  14. Prosciutto
  15. Rillette
  16. Daiquiri
  17. Chorizo
  18. Gnocchi
  19. Tapenade
  20. Endive
  21. Pain au chocolat
  22. Maraschino cherry
  23. Poutine
  24. Baklava
  25. Crudite
  26. Coq au Vin
  27. Brioche
  28. Bruschetta
  29. Camembert
  30. Jalapeno
  31. Fajita
  32. Guacamole
  33. Halloumi
  34. Pinot Noir
  35. Houmous
  36. Macaron
  37. Paella
  38. Turmeric
  39. Soufflé
  40. Crème Brûlée


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