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hacheflambeWe rather love the idea of the Flambé Burger which is briefly back on offer at Haché, Shoreditch. Available for a limited time only at Haché’s Shoreditch restaurant, this smoking hot delight promises to bring drama and excitement to any burger enthusiast’s dinner. The French may not be famed for their burgers, but the Flambé brings a certain je nais se quois to this American classic.

Quite literally set on fire at the table, the Flambé Burger is a Scottish beef patty with smoky bacon, roquette and picked onions then topped with grape chutney, saucisse de morteau and camembert cheese. Served in a soft brioche bun, or if you’re feeling a little healthier, with a green salad, this burger is rammed to the hilt with flavours and textures.

Given all that we felt duty-bound to pop down this week and try it out. The simple enough looking burger is brought ceremoniously to your table and then doused with flaming alcohol. It's not a dish for shrinking violets - there was a lot of attention from other diners when the waitress set our food on fire. And once the flames had died out we were left with oozing, gooey cheese and a rich glaze to the meat. This extension of the maillard reaction increased the sweetness of the meat ensuring the flavour was not lost alongside the multitude of other ingredients.

If you're thinking of going down to try it, be sure to ask for the Flambé burger as you won't find it on the regular menu.

The Haché Flambé Burger is available all day Monday and Tuesday throughout February 2014 exclusively at Haché Shoreditch. For more info, follow them on Twitter @HacheBurgers.

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