• The White Building Market is Hackney Wick's new sustainable shopping hub

    white building market hackney wick

    If you're minded to find somewhere that gives more than lip service to sustainability and would prefer to give the supermarkets a swerve, then this new Hackney shopping spot might be of interest.

    CRATE Brewery along with its neighbour's Silo is gearing up to launch a weekly market, selling everything from freshly milled flour for sourdough making to natural wines and refillable washing up liquids.

    Sustainability is the

  • Silver Lining in Hackney will be the UK's first orange wine bar

    silver lining will be hackney's first orange wine bar

    updated with bar opening info 29/9/20

    During Lockdown, popular restaurant Silver Lining revealed its plans to become the UK's first wine bar focused entirely on orange wine. In its first phase, it opened as a takeaway bottle shop with over 50 varieties of orange wine to choose from.

    Now they're opening as a fully functioning wine bar with an entirely orange wine list and serving up seasonal

  • Sonora Taqueria is the new Netil Market place from the Pollo Feliz folk

    sonora taqueria at Netil Market

    Over lockdown, Netil Market's Pollo Feliz did a roaring trade in deliveries with East Londoners becoming more than slightly obsessed by their tortillas. So much so, that they've been able to expand with a bigger stall and a new direction. As first reported by Eater, they've become Sonora

  • Nebula Pizza on Hackney Road is as much about the drinks as the pizza

    nebula pizza hackney road

    You may be wondering does Hackney really need another pizza place? Certainly, the team behind Nebula, which opened at the weekend, are very much hoping it does.

    This new pizza, beer and cocktail joint has taken over a space just off Hackney Road near to ABQ Bar and Mama Shelter. It's a large site - with room for 200 pizza lovers. And the fact that it also has a large courtyard won't hurt it at all in the current times.

    The team behind it are

  • Hackney's Towpath Cafe has reopened - with dinner service planned and a new book on the way

    towpath cafe hackney is open

    One of London's best loved cafes reopens for business today. The announcement that Hackney's Towpath Cafe would reopen will surely be met with joy by its legions of fans. In a post on their website, owners Lori De Mori and Laura Jackson said that from this morning they'd be open Thursday through to Sunday.

    In addition to their gorgeous breakfasts and lunch dishes, they'll be doing a dinner service on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. "One

  • Brat extends its popup at Climpson's Arch

    Brat extends its residency at Climpsons Arch

    27/8/20 - updated with details of an extended residency

    After being without Tomos Parry's excellent Brat restaurant for a few months - it returned in two different incarnations. 

    Over the past month, one of the huge successes of post-lockdown pivoting has been the Brat x Climpson’s Arch residency. It saw Parry going back to his roots as he had previously been in the kitchen there

  • Silo is coming back to Hackney Wick - but as a wine bar

    Silo X Wine Bar 

    One of the big new openings of 2019 has announced its reopening - but it's not quite the same as when it left. Silo, Douglas McMaster's no-waste restaurant in Hackney Wick, is going to temporarily return as a wine bar - the Silo X Wine Bar, to be precise. 

    The menu - continuing to be a no-waste affair - has been reconfigured a little and includes: 

    • ‘Siloaf’ & aged butter
    • Koji quavers & dip and a Soy egg with lava
  • Leroy's spin-off Royale will be roasting chicken IRL at a Hackney residency

    Leroy's spin-off Royale will be roasting chicken IRL at a Hackney residency

    During the lockdown, Shoreditch's Michelin-starred restaurant Leroy pivoted to create a chicken delivery service in the shape of Royale. But now the restaurant is back up and running, the questions was - what will happen to Royale? Now we know, as they're carrying on serving up chicken, this time in a Hackney residency at the East London Liquor Co. 

    The menu remains the same - rotisserie

  • Nuno Mendes launches a weekend brunch at The Scolt Head

    nuno mendes brunch the scolt head

    Need a reason to feel good about staying in town for the summer? Well how about the fact that top chef Nuno Mendes is about to start doing weekend brunches in De Beauvoir?

    The Chiltern Firehouse chef will be stepping in to launch a brunch menu at his local pub, The Scolt Head. And, God, it does sound good.

    As you might expect, eggs are a recurrent theme. So you'll find them teamed with:

    • Secret Smokehouse smoked trout
  • Treats Club are opening their permanent hot donut bar in Hackney

    Treats Club is opening their permanent hot donut bar in Hackney

    They've been popping up across town and even have a lockdown DIY kit - but now Treats Club Dessert Bar are settling down with their first permanent shop in Hackney. 

    If you're yet to come across them, then the key thing you need to know is that

  • Plate up the perfect at home dinner with The Waterhouse Project's ceramics and tutorials

    waterhouse restaurant london delivery

    With so many restaurants in London reopening for deliveries, it's hard to get noticed. But one Hackney spot has, we think, got quite an unusual proposition.

    The Waterhouse Project opened its doors for the first time just pre-lockdown. Its owner, chef Gabriel Waterhouse (ex-Galvin La Chapelle) had just moved from a supperclub scenario, to what he was calling 'social fine dining' in a permanent restaurant in East

  • Supa Ya Ramen launches a permanent restaurant in Hackney

    supa ya ramen opening on Hackney Road LondonChef Luke Findlay's ramen supperclub puts down permanent roots in Hackney.

  • La Pilarica is a Mexican pop-up taking over nights at Loafing Cafe in Hackney

    La Pilarica is a Mexican pop-up taking over nights at Loafing Cafe in Hackney

    With Loafing Cafe now back up and running in Hackney, they're already launching their first post-lockdown pop-up. 

    La Pilarica is a Mexican pop-up created by Federico Perez Diaz and Michael Kutziola, The pair originally met at Frankie’s Bar and Grill in Selfridges back in 2010 - have worked together since, both in restaurants and street food stalls - although this will be their

  • Ace Pizza launches out of Hackney's Pembury Tavern

    Ace Pizza launches out of Hackney's Pembury Tavern

    Before lockdown, the Pembury Tavern in Hackney had built up quite the reputation for its pizzas. Now, they're back and post-lockdown are launching as their own delivery pizza brand, Ace Pizza. It'll still be based in the pub, but the menu has been given something of an overhaul while the team have been away. 

    All the pizzas will be from 48hr cold-fermented dough and the menu includes:

    • Honey Pie
  • From The Ashes BBQ sees three chefs unite for a BBQ hatch in Hackney Wick

    From The Ashes BBQ sees three chefs unite for a BBQ hatch in Hackney Wick 

    Challenging though the lockdown has been, every now and again it delivers a ray of sunshine and this new opening in Hackney Wick is certainly it.

    From The Ashes BBQ comes from three chefs - Frank Fellows, Martin Anderson and Curtis Bell who had been left unemployed due to the lockdown and decided to started their own business, having all met previously when they worked at Temper.



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