We’re liking the sound of the new QV Bar opening on the ground floor of Quo Vadis in January. According to a press release the bar will be run by award-winning mixologist Paul Mant, who’s presided over the bar at the Quo Vadis members’ club for the past few years.

The bar will have its own bar menu featuring such delights as salt cod fritters with tartar sauce and Montgomery Cheddar and smoked Tre…

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Heston’s London restaurant causes booking meltdown

Table bookings for Heston Blumenthal’s new Knightsbridge restaurant almost brought booking lines down today as more than 4000 covers were booked in the first five hours of the telephone lines opening this morning. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal opens at the London Mandarin Oriental Hotel on 31 January 2011, but advance reservations opened for the restaurant this morning at 9am.

‘They’re absolutely sw…

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At 9am this morning (December 1st) the booking lines opened for Heston Blumenthal's eagerly awaited London restaurant - Dinner by Heston Blumenthal.  Given that it's the first London restaurant to be opened by arguably Britain's top chef you can expect enormous interest and a long battle to make a reservation.  As with any hard-to-book restaurant, if you're prepared to try for a mid-week lunch, th…

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It was one of the biggest restaurant stories of the past few weeks, that Jeremy King and Chris Corbin had finally signed a deal to open a sibling restaurant to their massively successful Piccadilly hub The Wolseley.

Now Hot Dinners has learned that the new Wolseley – which will be very similar to the Piccadilly restaurant, but won’t carry its name, should be open in time for Christmas next year. A…

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Trine Hahnemann hosts Danish embassy's Yule party

Hot Dinners is full of the festive spirit following a party over at the Danish embassy last night where cookery writer Trine Hahnemann presided over a splendid spread for the Ambassador’s Nordic Yule do. (We'll forbear from any mention of Ferrero Rocher, we swear!)

‘Nordic cooking has changed completely over the last 20 years,’ she told us, before plying us with canapés including cubes of slow-coo…

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Anyone who's a fan of Ottolenghi, whether it's their restaurants or the cookbook, will be pleased to hear that they're branching out by opening a standalone restaurant called NOPI in Soho next year.

As Ottolenghi's official strategic thinker Noam Bar explained to Hot Dinners: 'We wanted to challenge ourselves, to launch a new concept, to allow ourselves to create a new restaurant from a fresh star…

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Damn it Janis - restaurant runner banned from posh London postcodesHot Dinners have been following with interest the story of the penniless Latvian filmmaker who embarked on a fortnight of scamming some of London's most expensive restaurants by enjoying lavish meals and then scarpering without paying. This week Janis Nords appeared in court over three charges of making off without payment. He also asked for six other similar offences to be taken into account.


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Sushi classes at Holloway's new Sushi Academy

We're always partial to good sushi here at Hot Dinners and on a freezing winter's night, we're not inclined to go too far to find it. So we were happy to take up the offer of a free sushi-making class from Sushi Academy London who are weeks away from launching their new restaurant and academy just off the Holloway Road.

Pained, or as they more eloquently put it 'particularly grieved'  by some of t…

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Visa woes put Hell's Kitchen winner Holli's Savoy Grill job on hold

When single mother Holli Ugalde won Hell's Kitchen USA there was a lot of buzz over the fact that she'd be working for Gordon Ramsay at the much-anticipated reopening of the Savoy Grill. But the dream could remain just that if the American winner doesn't manage to resolve issues over getting hold of a working visa. The Sunday Mirror reports that, as the situation currently stands, Ugalde will not…

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Five minutes with North Road chef Christoffer Hruskova

Hot Dinners grabs five minutes with North Road chef Christoffer Hruskova to discover that his culinary influences range much wider than his Danish upbringing.…

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You know you've really made it in America when you're worthy of being cast in South Park, which is just what's happened to Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver.

Our cheffing duo feature in an episode of the profanity-packed cartoon series which airs in the States this Sunday. The storyline is that when Carter's dad becomes obsessed with food television, his son attempts to snap him out of it, by pretend…

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As 007 he was licensed to kill, but now Roger Moore has gone all touchy-feely in getting Knightsbridge store Harvey Nichols to ban foie gras from its restaurant menus. The store made a head start in taking it off the shelves, and will take it off all restaurant menus from the New Year onwards.

Moore has joined forces with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) in a campaign aimed at en…

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If it's Wednesday, it must be free Welsh WhiskyKate and Wills may be one of the few newly-engaged couples in the country not worrying about the cost of their upcoming nuptuals, but for the rest of us, looking after the pennies and pounds is becoming second nature. So Hot Dinners are particularly gratified to hear about a promotion of alcoholic beverages that won't put a dent in your wallet. It's called Welsh Whisky Wednesday and - like it says…

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The London Evening Standard last night held a glitzy party in town to celebrate the release of its annual list of movers and shakers - London's 1000 most influential people.

Naturally, there were more than a few restaurant-related people attending last night as well as on the list. Here are the 43 who made it on to the Foodies part of the list. You can read the list in more detail on the Evening S…

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Wolseley to have sister restaurant at No 1 Kingsway

Jeremy King and Chris Corbin have just signed on the dotted line to open a sister restaurant to The Wolseley in Aldwych. The new 'European-style brasserie' will be in the No 1 Kingsway building, where Kingsway meets the Aldwych and will take up 13,000 square foot. It's where the former Bank restaurant used to be.

David Collins is already on board to design the restaurant which will open in Autumn 2…

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