Manitoba Tigella put Italian flatbreads in the spotlight on New Oxford Street


Tigella, a type of stuffed flatbread from northern Italy, will have their moment in the spotlight now Manitoba Tigella has opened in central London.

Imagine an ice-cream sandwich, except instead of wafers it’s a dense, English-muffin type bread, and instead of ice cream, it’s decadent, oily Italian cuisine. Normally found in the chestnut forests of the Apennine mountains, you'll now be able to try this traditionally rural food on New Oxford Street.

Manitoba Tigella will be stuffing their flatbreads with inventive fillings, like

  • Gnocco Fritto (tigella, fried gnocco with Parma ham D.O.P. - £1.50)
  • Prosciutto + Stracchino (tigella, stracchino soft cheese and Parma ham - £2.20)
  • Burger T (tigella with burger, confit tomatoes, cocktail sauce and provolone cheese - £2.90) 
  • The Veggie Burger (tigella with beans, red onion and embers onion sauce - £3)
  • Aubergine Parmigiana (tigella with funghetto aubergine, parmigiano D.O.P. cheese, tomato sauce and basil pesto - £3) 

But there's more than the tigelli too...the rest of the menu will also have:

  • La Carbonara (spaghetti in carbonara sauce, pecorino romano cheese and crispy bacon - £9.50)
  • Tortellini (in a cream and parma ham sauce - £9)
  • Trofie Al Pesto (trofie pasta with basil pesto, potatoes and pine nuts - £8.50).
  • Lamb Cutlets (served with fried polenta and salmoriglio sauce - £18)
  • Fish Jar (a medley of sea bream, king prawns, squid, mussels, clams, olives, capers, datterini tomatoes served with focaccia - £9)
  • Fanitoba's  Fishes & Fries (fried calamari, cod, king prawns and potatoes with tartar sauce - £12.50). 

For dessert, tiramisu, pannacotta and other classic Italian sweet treats will be on offer.

Take it all in from the large counter, glass of crisp Sauvignon Blanc in hand, while watching the chefs bake the tigelle in the traditional rural style.

Manitoba Tigella  is open now on 82 New Oxford Street, WC1A 1HB. Monday - Friday 7.30am-10.30pm, Saturday 11am-10.30pm, Sunday 11am-9.30pm. Follow Manitoba Tigella on Twitter @ManitobaTigella @ManitobaTigella and Instagram @ManitobaTigella.