D'You Crab king crab seafood launches

D'You Crab launches at Omnivore this weekend

There's a new street food kid in town called, D'You Crab, which is all about King Crab in various guises. They're launching at this weekend's Omnivore festival at the Truman Brewery and comes from Stan Dobrovolski (who has a background crab fishing) and Andrey Ryvkine (whose background is restaurants). Starting this weekend, they'll have potted king crab with poached pear and fermented herbs for Omnivore visitors and after that - more will be added to the menu including:

  • D'you Crab Ceviche - with Pulled king crab
  • D'you Crab Chowder - King crab, native smoked bacon, purple potatoes and cream
  • D'you Crab Roll - Potted king crab, duck egg scramble, truffled aioli
  • D'you Crab Grill - Whole grilled leg of crab, asian slaw, siracha aioli
  • D'you Crab Cake & Mash - Crab cakes, seasonal mash, market greens
  • D'you Crab Caramel - Potted crab, caramelised Parmesan and cream, truffle sauce.

It'll all be between £5 and £15 and you can catch them after Omnivore at the Duke of York Square Farmers Market every Saturday from 10am - 4pm. Find out more from them on Twitter @doyoucrab and more about Omnivore here