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Wanna cook? No, we're not talking about taking over the kitchen. A new pop up in Hackney Wick has brought the cult TV show Breaking Bad to life, with an innovative (and cosy) cocktail-'cooking' experience and we popped along to the launch.

The bar is designed around the famous RV that Walt and his accomplice Jesse used to drive out into the Albuquerque desert to cook crystal meth. Luckily the only mind-altering substances here are the mind-blowing cocktails you get to cook up in the lab. While you might not be able to see Albuquerque's Sandia peaks out of the windows, inside the RV you're transported right into the TV show. Glass beakers and pipettes are lined up, with instructions on the wall helping you to cook up your cocktail concoctions.

The RV can fit about twenty people in per session and you have two hours to make your poisons. The rum sorbet is eye-wateringly strong, but the punch gets extra points for the Instagram-friendly lines of sherbet on the side.

It's definitely a bit of a gimmick, but it's certainly more interesting than a pint down the local.

ABQ is running in Hackney Wick until October - there are limited tickets still available for September and October and you can book them here. For more, follow them on Twitter @abqlondon


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