Honey & Co

25a Warren Street, London W1T 5LZ
Latest critic review: July 14, 2013
Critics' score: 8 out of 10

This restaurant and bakery in Fitzrovia comes from a team that used to work at Ottolenghi and Nopi and specialises in Middle Eastern cuisine.

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Jay Rayner Guardian
Reviewed on July 14, 2013
"This is indeed food made by people who like to eat. It is food that cares less about how it looks than how it tastes. Call me sentimental. Call me soppy. But it feels like an act of love. Perhaps I'm getting old." READ REVIEW
Estimated score
Critic's score: 8
Zoe Williams Telegraph
Reviewed on June 18, 2013
"Here, the food is as much about creating an atmosphere as it is about any individual dish, a new way of looking at Middle Eastern cuisine, subtler, more modern. I sound pretentious. This nook of a restaurant isn't." READ REVIEW
Estimated score
Critic's score: 8
AA Gill Sunday Times
Reviewed on March 03, 2013
"Everyone who walks through the door finds the board and the welcome they have been looking for, for years. The food is part of it, but it is the other part, the intangible part, that moves you to speechless gratitude." READ REVIEW
Critic's score: 8
Kelley Hussey View London
Reviewed by October 18, 2012
"London needs more places like Honey and Co. Laid back, friendly, well priced – this is sure to capture the imagination of beleaguered and bored Londoners." READ REVIEW
Critic's score: 8
Marina O'Loughlin Guardian
Reviewed on October 15, 2012
"What a radical formula this is: good food, friendly service, decent prices – plus, there's not a filament lightbulb in sight. Who knows: it might just catch on." READ REVIEW
Critic's score: 7
Tania Ballantine Time Out
Reviewed on July 27, 2012
"We kicked off with tiny meze, each dish showing the same care and attention to detail - a garnish of fresh herbs here, a slick of olive oil there. On our visit, highlights included beetroot marinated in Corinthian wine vinegar, the tang of the crimson chunks simply offset by verdant sprigs of Greek oregano." READ REVIEW
Critic's score: 8
Kang Leong London Eater
Reviewed on July 11, 2012
"I gobbled up each mezze very quickly but did manage to note down a few words to describe it – juicy, fresh, healthy, yummy, great pita. It felt like each ingredient was lovingly massaged into the final product." READ REVIEW
Estimated score
Critic's score: 8

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Address25a Warren Street, London W1T 5LZ
Telephone number 020 7388 6175
Telephone numberAverage price: Moderate
trainWarren StreetWarren Street
Opening timesOpen daily 7:30 - 19:00

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