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Stevie Parle's Pastaio brings handmade pasta and prosecco slushies to Carnaby

What: Pastaio

In a nutshell: Fresh pastas and Italian cocktail slushies from Stevie Parle

Summing it all up: Pastaio is Italian for someone who makes pasta by hand - something you can expect plenty of in the latest venture by Stevie Parle (Dock Kitchen, Rotorino, Palatino, Craft) in Soho. Based on his track record, and his limitless enthusiasm for the dish, we’re expecting very good things…


The low-down

Just in time for the carbier half of the year comes Pastaio, Soho’s new restaurant entirely dedicated to pasta. It's the latest project Stevie Parle, the same man behind one of our own pasta faves, Clerkenwell’s Palatino and he knows more than just a thing or two about making pasta.

“I’ve been obsessed with making fresh pasta since I first learned to cook. The kneading, resting, shaping, rolling, stuffing and drying of fresh pasta is a skill that takes time and dedication to develop,” said the former young chef of the year.

Despite its very central London location (it's taking over the place where Cha Cha Moon once was), prices are reasonable at £7 to £11 for each plate:

  • Tonarelli cacio e pepe (£7)
  • Cassarecce, pesto, green beans & potato (£8)
  • Grouse, rabbit & pork agnoli (£11)
  • Long Fusilli, crab courgette, yellow tomato & marjoram (£11)

There’ll also be little bites like a fried mozzarella sandwich for £4, or anchovy-stuff pepperoncini for £3.50.

Even though the pasta’s made by hand in the traditional fashion, there are several less classic options for you to try as well like a ravioli with potato and gravy, and an Aperol spritz-inspired slushy that we can’t pretend we don’t want to try.

The inside will be full of colourful murals designed to make you “feel like you’re on holiday in Bologna”, with space for 70 and three communal terrazzo tables. And it's being designed by Tom Dixon studios who have had such a big hand in making Stevie Parle's previous restaurants look so impressive. 


More about Pastaio

Where is it? 19 Ganton St, London W1F 7BU

When does it open? Autumn 2017

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Twitter @pastaiolondon.


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