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Munich Cricket Club brings beer and German food to Victoria

A new German restaurant has quietly opened in Victoria this week, coming from the same people behind The Rose in Chelsea and The Loose Box on Horseferry Road. It's a modern German bierkeller  - which, yes means beer cellar - and as such you can expect plenty of German beer and food. 

The menu includes: 

  • Currywurst serviert mit Pommes Frites (Pork sausage served with chips & curry sauce)
  • Obatzda - serviert mit Salzbretzel (Camembert & cream cheese dip served with pretzel sticks)
  • Gulaschsuppe mit Kartoffeln (Potato dumplings in homemade goulash stew)
  • Pork, chicken, aubergine and more schnitzels
  • Slow roasted pork knuckle with sauerkraut, red cabbage, potato dumplings, mash & gravy

Plus more sausages and sharing plates and, of course, apple strudel or Black Forest gateau for dessert. As for drinks, there ARE lots of beers, but a healthy cocktail and wine list too (and some schnapps). 

It's a big old space - fitting 350 - and expect a very Bavarian feel to it.

Munich Cricket Club is open now at 61-71 Victoria Street. For more, follow them on Twitter @munichCCLondon

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