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What: M Bar & Grill

In a nutshell:M Restaurants' new Twickenham venue will be opening soon, offering locals some very fine beef indeed.

Summing it all up: Hand-fed with seaweed for over six months and straight from the Scottish highlands, the new 100% full-blood Highland Wagyu on offer from M Bar & Grill will be a first for UK menus - and taste fantastic.


The low-down

Big news in the world of beef. If you're the kind of diner that prizes provenance and cut, then you'll want to be making a note in your diary to get down to Twickenham's M Bar & Grill to try the Highland Wagyu beef.

It's not just any Highland Wagyu though; apparently it's the first time that 100% full-blood variety has made it onto UK menus.

The meat, which comes from a pedigree Perthshire beef farm, is 100% full blood, aka a solid guarantee that it's completely Wagyu, and nothing else, which makes it a gold standard of beef, of sorts. And it's not a surprise, considering we've heard that these particular cattle are hand fed with seaweed and Omega-3 to help develop marbling, taste and texture. And all while gambolling about in the fresh Scottish highlands.

The Wagyu will be appearing on the menu of the new M Bar & Grill, a new venue from M Restaurants, which are also on Threadneedle St and in Victoria. It's scheduled to open in Twickenham's new Brewery Wharf development this summer.


More about M Twickenham

Where is it? Brewery Lane, Twickenham, London TW1 1AA

When does it open? End of July

Find out more: Visit M Restaurants' website or follow them on Twitter @mrestaurants_ 


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